Free Help Desk Software – Is It Worth It?

Help desk software is an application offered by companies, through which customers can access their technical support services. These programs not only offer customers with background and technical information of the organization and its services, these solutions also forward customer

Mac Or PC

For the longest time, people would just walk into a computer store and buy a PC because that is what everyone else seemed to be using. With the success of the iPod people are beginning to take notice of Apple

POS Software Integration

Installing a custom point of sale (pos) software system will ensure a retail business operates efficiently with an integrated application that complements all departments. Customer service will be improved, ensuring loyalty and return business. As well, employees can be traced

Computer Repair – A Flourishing Business

In this age of modern technology, computer and its related gadgets like laptops and notebooks are found in almost every house. Since their usage is immense so is their wear and tear. More often than not, we are left stranded

School Management Software That Meets Your Needs

There is a new way of selling school software. Gone are the days when you needed to buy computers and hire IT people to maintain the software and hardware for your administrative staff. Now there is a better solution: online

Document Scanning Software

For organizations and companies that process a large amount of information, document scanning software is very important. Since most of the time, paper documents are still primarily used, managing the information within these documents can be a logistics nightmare and

Hardware Part Two

THE MOUSE The mouse is an input device that helps us to control the computer pointer; it also helps to click on any item within the computer environment. The mouse has two main buttons which include: the left and right

Which Parts of My Point of Sale System Should Be Future Proof?

Every product in the world has a sort of best by date. This is a date beyond which the product becomes obsolete and is no longer useful to its owner. This philosophy is mandated by the fact that over time

Top Five Advances in Computer Software

The computer software world has come a long way since the first simple personal computers rolled off assembly lines in the late 70’s. Thanks to dedicated software developers, there have been vast improvements to the performance, function and usability of

How to Start Recording Music at Home

It’s perfectly possible to make very high quality recordings at home with today’s computer technology. However, you will need to spend a fair bit of money on   software ,  and   hardware  (such as high quality microphones  and  soundcards) in order to